Education is the key to a better future

two weeks ago I had the opportunity to accompany my husband, Dr. Andreas Hinkel, to Nairobi. Andreas flies twice a year to work as a pediatrician in the Cargo Human Care Medical Centre.
I got a brief insight view of the CHC projects and was really impressed to see how important this engagement is!
To see how devoted people are (doctors, nurses, social workers, drivers …) working for Cargo Human Care and to realize the thankfulness of patients, children, youths, who get the opportunity of free medical care and the chance of eduction, food and shelter, facing a better life.
„Education is the key to a better future“, said Stephen Ngigi, a young man, while showing and explaining the John Kaheni Residence!
My name is Joy Hinkel and I work for SPIRIANT, company within the LH Group. I was allowed to bring some blankets and toys for children, which otherwise would be destroyed (the blankets). It gives me a really good feeling to share a few things with people in need, knowing that its only a drop in the ocean!
Kwa heri (Bye-bye…Auf Wiedersehen)


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