Chicago Tradition

CHI F/GC donates to Cargo Human Care

The annual donation to Cargo Human Care has become a wonderful tradition in Chicago. This year our colleagues were grilling sausages and tapping beer for their customers at the
Lufthansa Cargo Oktoberfest. The event was a huge success and the “entrance fee” was used to collect funds for Cargo Human Care.
Captain Fokko Doyen, chairman of the board and founder of Cargo Human Care, joined the CHI F/GC holiday party and personally thanked the team for their donation in the amount of
$1,222: “More than 99% of the money will reach the people in need in Kenya who depend on support of Cargo Human Care. We do take this duty very, very seriously.
Thanks so much and ASANTE SANA (kisuaheli for „Thank you very much“).”

If you would like to read the complete Lufthansa Cargo December Regional News for USA & Canada: here it is.

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